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Sure, we all want amazing credit, but how do we get there?
Landmark’s software analyzes your credit report and prepares a FREE credit analysis.

What Makes Up Your Credit Score

Payment History

Utilization Rate

Types of Accounts

Credit History

Diversification of Accounts

3 FREE Tips for Better Credit

Pay off all collection debts

Ask for credit line increases

Open multiple types of accounts.

Get Approved for a Mortgage

Most people dream of buying a house the first step is having good credit

Our Solutions

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750 +

Amazing Credit Mortgage $400,000

Auto Loan $40,000 $550/mo

540 - 610 Credit

Mortgage N/A

Auto loan $40,000 $860/mo

Our Solution

Credit Problem? Try Our Solution

Credit Goals

Credit card, new car, rent an apartment, or buy a house.

Set a Plan

Know your plan, stick to your plan.

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Still have questions? Here are a few we get asked a lot

Technically, no company should charge you for credit repair services until they show you results. Sign up today, see results, pay us later

Good question. You know how when you break your arm you go to the doctor? Well, we are basically the doctors for your credit. We use our credit repair software to identify your accounts and target invalid collections accounts removing them from your credit report, saving you hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars while boosting your credit score

We will obtain a copy of your credit report. We will run this report through our credit repair software and process an official credit analysis. That’s that


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