Are you experiencing financial hardship? Have you fallen behind on monthly payments and don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel? Have your credit cards become maxed out? Are you unable to enjoy the best parts of life that you want because your credit card bills are holding you back?

If you find yourself in this position it may be time to consider debt resolution. By working with a reputable debt resolution company you will be able to lessen your overall principal balance owed as well as the interest rates charged on those debts.

Many Americans are unaware that if you have suffered a financial hardship you may be able to negotiate your credit card bills for reductions in principal balance and more favorable repayment terms for your financial situation. Creditors sometimes may be willing to forgive up to 70% of your principal balance!

What do debt settlement companies do?

Debt settlement organizations assist individuals with financial hardship to negotiate with creditors to come to more favorable repayment terms and settle the debt on the client’s behalf. Companies that specialize  in debt settlement or debt resolution will work to reduce the debtor’s overall principal balance as well as the interest rates charged on that debt. This debt relief method is very different from debt management and consolidation, which merely aim to lower interest payments while leaving the principal debt unaffected.

Most individuals who elect to use a reputable debt resolution company like Landmark Legal can expect to see their first settlement within 4-6 months and every 4-6 months after that. This process helps client’s relieve stress and become debt free in months not years.

How to find a reputable Best Debt Settlement company?

Client First Approach: When choosing a debt relief company make sure that you look up their reviews on third party websites like the BBB and Google. You want to make sure you are working with a company that puts their clients financial goals above that of their own. If a company tells you that they can help to resolve your financial situation make sure to ask what’s in it for them.

Results First and Zero upfront costs :debt settlement or debt resolution company is legally not allowed to charge you any upfront fees. If you are suffering a financial hardship do you think it is fair that a company charges you money before providing results?  A reputable company like Landmark Legal will have a results first approach which means you and the client do NOT pay until they have successfully negotiated a settlement on your behalf and you have made at least one payment towards that settlement.

End-to-end service:. Some “debt settlement” organizations are really just sales teams that will transfer or sell your account to another organization to handle your debt resolution process. This means they have no vested interest in your successful graduation, but rather just getting you to agree to the program. Choose a debt settlement company like Landmark legal, that will monitor your process from start to finish with a knowledgeable staff of debt professionals.

No extra charges:. Some debt settlement companies will disguise hidden fees by calling them administrative fees, signing fees, consulting fees, enrollment fees etc. Any company that is trying to charge you for additional fees should be avoided.  Only a settlement fee is charged by the top rated debt settlement firms, like Landmark legal, and you do NOT have to pay this fee until you have received a settlement agreed to that settlement and made at least one payment towards that settlement.


Florida Debt Statistics:

The data indicates that Florida residents are experiencing financial hardship. Florida residents are carrying $84,926 in debt on average, up 4% from the prior year.  The other major forms of consumer debt in Florida are student loans, auto loans, and credit card debt, with state averages of $40,866, $10,110, and $5,620, respectively.

The Federal Reserve estimates that the household debt-to-income ratio in Florida will be 1.7 in 2021. In other words, Florida residents owe $1.70 for every $1 they earn.  With the cost of living increases we can only expect this number to increase.

The average credit score in Florida is 707, only a few points below the 717 average for the whole US.

Landmark Legal is a results first based debt relief company meaning our client’s pay $0 for settlement services until we successfully negotiate and settle your first account and you make at least one payment towards that account. Our fee is roughly 15–25% of your debt amount based on factors such as your income, types of debts, status of accounts, and state in which you reside. You will immediately start saving money from the day you sign up. On average clients will see their first settlement from our third party law firm in about 4-6 months but this depends on factors such as your ability to save and current account balances. If you are suffering from a financial hardship consider using the professional debt resolution services of  Landmark legal and you will SAVE, SETTLE, and LIVE DEBT FREE


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